useless Pashya live reports

Well, let me begin these "live reports" by saying I absolutely suck at remembering what songs were played when and where, so they're actually not useful as live reports at all. But since someone demonstrated interest, I will write something anyway. XD; Just... feel free to tell me to stop and get another hobby.


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Also, the Undercode Production omnibus CD [Decadence2007~HUMAN VICIOUS~] was released 2/14. I haven't bought it yet. Pashya will also purportedly be on an omnibus DVD titled Bands Shock DVD Vol.4 [~日本制圧完全版~], to be released 3/14.
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Hey everyone! Looks like this community is pretty dead but I wanted to join regardless. I had the good fortune of catching Pashya live awhile back and they made such a good impression on me that I've been attending their lives in Nagoya ever since. They're a really fun, interactive band!

Anyway, I don't know if everyone knows this but since it seems the community info is need of an update, Tomo left the band about a month ago and has been replaced by a new vocalist, Io. At first I wasn't too impressed with him, but he's gotten so much better with every live. They were pretty amazing at their show last night! I think the other members have finally adjusted to the change (Tomo's parting was really sudden) and they've built up some great chemistry.

Also, they announced that they'll be releasing (or have released?) a song on an omnibus album, but I didn't catch the name of it. I imagine however that it's an Undercode production so if anyone's interested, I'm sure a little detective work will reveal the answer to you shortly.

Well I think that's all I have to say. Nice to see some Pashya fans out there on the internet!
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Help, please?

So... uhm... hello ^_^

I wanted to ask something, maybe some of you can help me... I just downloaded Pashya's new Single "niji" to check them out and now I don't know the name of the second track... so I thought I'd ask you guys for help. Anyone who know's the track's name?
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I guess i'll start posting here. :D
hello everyone this is the first entry for the Pashya community. welcome! ^^ i'm pretty bad with new posting starting. I'm pretty sure everyone who joined this community knows who Pashya is. Pashya is the ex members of the band Ruephy Alive. all members except Mukku.
does anyone have the maxi single yet? it came out on February 15th. :D I'm still waiting for mine to be shipped from Thirdstage.
i still need to add some things into this community before promoting it. but hopfully, we will have more members soon. enjoy!